Here are some tasks to prepare your home for a home inspection.

  1. Ensure access to all areas. Inspectors need to see places like exterior windows, garage walls, attics, under sinks and so on. Clearing away belongings, clutter, and debris helps the process go smoother.
  2. Ensure your roof and gutters are free of debris. Get any roof damage repaired by a roofer.
  3. Replace any dead light bulbs. This will remove uncertainty whether there is an electrical problem.
  4. Ensure your toilets and plumbing fixtures are working correctly.
  5. Ensure your fuse or breaker box is labeled correctly and that the inspector can access it easily.
  6. Ensure all doors and windows work and lock correctly.
  7. Look for water leaks or damage. Fix any problems you find. Rest assured an inspector is going to find these problems and report them.
  8. Call pest control for insect or rodent problems.
  9. Ensure all utilities are on the day of the inspection.
  10. Consider getting a “Home Seller’s” Inspection. I can find problems before the buyer’s inspector does…ensuring the sale goes smoother and helping you get top-dollar for your home. This also reduces stress for everyone involved in the sale.

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