Home Inspection for buyer

This inspection is attuned to finding those major problems that can cost you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars after the sale. I am your independent, unbiased advocate that gives you the knowledge to make an informed decision with confidence and peace of mind.
Inspector Todd Thuss with Client Inspecting HVAC Unit
A Home With For Sale Sign Out Front

Home Inspection for Seller

A seller’s “pre-listing” inspection helps you get top-dollar for your home. Avoid surprises and fix problems before the buyer’s inspector finds them! Your inspection gives your home the InterNACHI Move-In Certified ® certification, with an optional yard sign.

Maintenance Inspection

A Homeowner’s Maintenance Inspection performed every one to three years can help discover small problems before they grow into bigger, expensive ones. I work with you to identify and prioritize to-do items. Nature works 24/7 to get into your house’s systems and cause rot, decay, and mold. Fight back with an inspection by Integra. Recurring Homeowner’s Inspections are discounted 50%
Inspector Todd Thuss inspecting an HVAC Unit in an Attic
Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitor

Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soil and concentrates in the lower-levels of homes. It’s the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Homes with high levels of Radon are common in our area and can be fixed by a professional. The government recommends that you test for this gas when buying a home.  Integra is certified to test for Radon Gas and uses only NRPP-approved, professional-grade equipment calibrated yearly.

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Drone Aerial Photography

I use special drones to inspect areas inaccessible or dangerous to reach. I also provide high-quality real-estate photography services.
Roof Inspection by Inspector Todd Thuss
Infrared Camera Image of Toilet Leak

Infrared / thermography

Infrared cameras provide the ability to visualize heat energy. Infrared is an effective tool for detecting water intrusion and energy loss. With infrared, I can find problems other inspectors can’t see

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