Integra Inspections Services, LLC

Home Inspections Huntsville, AL

Why Choose Integra?

There are many home inspectors to choose from.  But they’re not all the same.

Stars Matter...

Check out our many five-star reviews on Google, BBB, Yelp, and others.  


You're Invited...

Accompany me throughout the inspection. Get clear explanations of problems…and maintenance tips, too.

Every Roof, Every Time...

I inspect every roof, at the roof. Not from the ground.

Thorough. Really Thorough.

My inspections average 3½ hours in duration.

Experience Matters

30 years engineering and construction experience.

Same-Week Service

I work weekends, rain or shine.

Same-Day Report

Sample report available upon request.

Advanced Technology

I use infrared cameras, inspection drones, and the latest technology and training.

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